Are you having trouble getting started with your first UserFeedback survey?

Here are some suggestions you can try to resolve the issue.

Why I am not seeing my UserFeedback survey?

Are you logged in as an Administrator of your WordPress site?

If you’re looking to test your UserFeedback survey, please first log out of your WordPress site, or use an incognito window when browsing your site.

Are you running any optimization or caching plugins?

If your website uses caching and file optimization, please try clearing the cache if you’ve made recent adjustments to your UserFeedback survey to see the changes take effect.

Depending on your caching system or plugin, you might be able to configure the cache to automatically reload when there’s a new element or site change.

If issues persist, consider excluding UserFeedback JavaScript and CSS assets from optimization, if your plugin has this feature.

Are you using a cookie consent banner?

UserFeedback relies on a cookie that’s loaded by your site visitors.

If a visitor blocks or denies cookies, the survey may not behave as expected.

Is your survey Published?

Try checking if your survey was set as Draft accidentally.

You can check this by going to UserFeedback » Surveys and then clicking on Edit on the survey.

From there, go to Settings » Publish and ensure the Survey Status is Published.

Are the targeting conditions of your survey configured correctly?

By default, your survey will immediately appear for site visitors on all pages of your website. This can be customized if using the UserFeedback Targeting Addon.

If you have multiple conditions set for a survey, please double check if there are any conflicts at UserFeedback » Surveys and then clicking on Edit on the survey.

From there, go to Settings » Targeting.


If you are continuing to have issues with UserFeedback, please reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help resolve any issues.