How to target specific users

Sometimes we just want to talk to certain people in the crowd. So how about surveying only specific users? You can do that too!

How? You ask as your mind starts to wander. Well, let’s go through this article to find out.

To get started,

you’ll need to access your existing survey or create a new one. To edit your survey, head to UserFeedback » Surveys in your WordPress admin, then hover over your survey and click the Edit link:

Navigate to the survey’s Settings, and scroll down to the Targeting section. You’ll need to edit the Pages subsection:

targeting section of userfeedback survey settings

Click on Advanced and in the left dropdown, select User Is option. In the right dropdown, choose between one of the available settings. You can add as many rules as you want.
Pages subsection of userfeedback survey targeting settings

Click Save, and voila, your survey is now shown only to specific users!

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