How To Export Your Survey Results

Follow this guide to learn how to export your UserFeedback survey results to further analyze data, generate reports, or share findings with your team.


  1. You have a UserFeedback Plus or higher license.
  2. You have installed the UserFeedback plugin.
  3. You have a published survey that has already collected responses.

While logged into your WordPress site, follow these steps to export your survey results:

Step 1: Go to UserFeedback » Surveys and click into the Results or Responses of a survey.

Step 2: While viewing results or individual responses, at the top right of the page, click on Export Results.

Step 3: You’ll automatically download a .xlsx file that contains the following details:

  • Stats: Contains a breakdown of Responses Last 7 Days, Responses Last 30 Days, Total Responses and Impressions.
  • Questions: Contains a breakdown of Question Title, Type and whether the questions were Answered or Skipped.
  • Responses: View answers submitted by your site visitors.

That’s it! You’ve learned how to export your UserFeedback survey results.