How To Insert A Survey Using A Shortcode

By default, UserFeedback will automatically add a survey to your website that pops up at the bottom right of a browser window. However, if you prefer customization over the survey’s placement, you can insert a UserFeedback survey into your WordPress site using a shortcode.

By default, your survey will appear on all pages based on the settings at UserFeedback » Settings » Widgets » Widget Position. Using a shortcode will override these settings.

Step 1: To get started, first locate the shortcode to use.

A shortcode is generated for each UserFeedback survey created. Go to UserFeedback » Surveys and click on the shortcode of your survey to automatically copy it.

Step 2: Now insert the shortcode into the content area of a post or page.

Or alternatively, if you wish to integrate the survey directly into your theme’s template files, locate the appropriate file (e.g., header.php or footer.php) and insert the shortcode at the desired location within the code.

In case you need further help with using shortcodes, please see WPBeginner’s article: How To Add a Shortcode In WordPress.

Once your shortcode is inserted, the UserFeedback will display embedded within your website. This will take precedence over the default popup display.

That’s it! You’ve learned how to customize the survey placement on your WordPress site.