How to Schedule A Survey

Scheduling a survey helps you reach out to your audience when they’re most likely to respond, which in turn should allow you to get more accurate feedback. Most of your site’s visitors come in the evening or over weekend? Scheduling the survey allows you to target those with more ease.

Additionally, scheduling surveys lets you plan ahead, making the whole survey smoother and saving you time. By scheduling surveys on your site, you not only collect better data but also keep your users engaged, leading to smarter decisions in the end.

Interested? Follow this guide to learn how to schedule a survey and have it run during a defined period.

If you already haven’t, you’ll need to create a survey. If you want to edit an already existing survey, you can do that easily! To edit your survey, head to UserFeedback » Surveys in your WordPress admin, then hover over your survey and click the Edit link.

Once you’ve filled in your survey settings, jump to the Publish section, then click on Schedule for Later button, and choose the appropriate date and time:

Want even more automation, and have the survey end without you interacting with it? Head over to the Settings>>Behavior section, and choose the Survey Run Time:

You can then select the option to run the survey indefinitely, or set a specific end date.

And just like that, you’re all set!