How to brand your survey

Branding a survey can get more people interested in it, and improve how you connect with your audience. It’s like giving the survey a familiar face, so people feel good about it and trust it. When your brand is on the survey, people are more likely to think it’s important and worth their time to give feedback.

Want to brand your survey, so that it matches your site’s style? Follow this guide to learn how.

To edit your survey template, you’ll need to head over to your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over UserFeeback, and then click on Settings. Select Widget, and you are ready to brand your survey

Widget section of UserFeedback settings

In there, navigate to theĀ Display section.

By default, it’s the UserFeedback logo that is shown, but you can change this. Click on the “Use Custom Logo” to upload an image of your choice.

Remember, all changes are reflected live inside the Preview section, so you can check how the changes you made look instantaneously. Once you are done editing, click Save settings and your surveys will take on a whole new look!

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