How To Review Survey Results

Have you recently published your first UserFeedback survey and gathered responses? Learn how to analyze the data you’ve collected in this guide.


  1. You’ve installed the UserFeedback plugin.
  2. Your published survey has collected some responses.

To start, first go to UserFeedback » Results.

For more information about where to find your survey responses, follow this guide.

While on the UserFeedback results page, you’ll be able to see an overview of the number of responses your UserFeedback surveys received in the Past 7 Days or Past 30 Days.

To view the data for an individual survey, you can select the survey from the dropdown at the top of the chart:

Or you can click on the action View Results to see more information:

Within UserFeedback reports, you can view the number of responses from the Past 7 Days or Past 30 Days, the number of Total Responses, and the number of Impressions for your survey.

The total number of responses indicates the overall engagement of your site visitors, since the survey was first published.

Monitoring the number of responses over the past 7 or 30 days allows you to track the more recent engagement with your survey. This is helpful in identifying changes or trends in your site visitor feedback. For example, if you’ve made a recent change on your website and are noticing a fluctuation in the number of responses, it might be worth reviewing your survey data to better understand the impact it had.

Lastly, the number of impressions helps you gauge the number of times your site visitors are shown your survey. If this number is lower than expected, it may indicate that there’s an issue with visibility. For example, if your survey is only set to appear on a specific page, you may need to adjust the settings.

Further down in the results page, you can further analyze your site visitors’ insights for each question type used within that survey:

  1. Checkboxes
  2. Radio Buttons
  3. Email Capture
  4. Single Text Field
  5. Long Text
  6. Star Rating (PRO)
  7. Net Promoter Score (PRO)

Reviewing survey answers will vary depending on the question type.

For surveys with predefined answer choices (radio button answers, star ratings and etc), a percentage breakdown will be displayed. This allows you to quickly identify which options are the most popular among your site visitors and helps you understand visitor preferences, trends, or areas of interest. The visualization can be adjusted between a bar chart (vertical or horizontal), a line chart or a pie chart.

  • Bar charts and Line charts are useful for gauging the distribution of responses.
  • Pie charts make it easy to to identify the more dominant preferences or sentiments.

For questions that are open-ended, requiring your site visitors to type in their answers, you’ll be able to read through the text responses, where you can identify common themes, sentiments, or concerns expressed by your site visitors.

For best results, stay updated by checking your survey results frequently. Explore trends over the last 7 days and 30 days to gain valuable insights into evolving patterns and changes in your site visitors’ feedback. Your ability to regularly review results will enhance your understanding of survey dynamics and contribute to informed decision-making,

That’s it! You’ve learned how to view your UserFeedback survey results.

What’s next? Learn how to export your survey results.